Girona may have to sell shares in ‘Citigroup’ to play in the Champions League.

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Girona will need to reduce City Football Group’s shareholding below 30 percent. If they want to be involved in next season’s Champions League.

UEFA has advised Abu Dhabi investors in Manchester City and Girona to offer shares in the clubs. So that the teams can play in the Champions League together next season. Integrity rules for teams with common ownership. According to a report from ESPN on Tuesday. 

Girona have done amazingly well this season, winning a ticket to the Champions League for the first time in the club’s history. With three key players either on loan or sold through the influence of Manchester City, especially Savio. A 19-year-old Brazilian forward who moved from Troyes, a club affiliated with City Football Group, or Yan Couto, who moved directly from the City team.UFABET  

Pere Guardiola, the younger brother of Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola, is also a co-owner of Girona and the two teams have tested UEFA rules on multi-club ownership. strictly to prevent collusion in the game If they do not comply with the rules and offer by June 3, it is likely to see one team demoted to the Europa League. 

According to UEFA documents, the option is for City Football Group to form a partnership with 13 clubs around the world. Which will own 100 percent of Manchester City and 47 percent of Girona. 

City Football Group can resolve the issue by selling its shares to an independent third party. This would involve diluting the shareholding below 30 percent. Or transferring all shares in a single club to a secret fund overseen by a UEFA-appointed committee.

But UEFA has yet to comment on Nice and Manchester United, whose clubs are owned by Sir Jim Ratcliffe. If both teams qualify for the Europa League as well.