Alonso reveals his feelings about lifting the drugstore’s first championship trophy.

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Xavier Alonso lifts the championship trophy as coach of Leverkusen very special. Even though he had already experienced this kind of knowledge when he was a football player.

Xavier Alonso, the Spanish trainer, credits him with lifting the Bundesliga trophy. Meisterscharle As a trainer Leverkusen It’s a very special thing. Even though he already had experience winning titles as a player. From Kicker’s report last Tuesday.

Leverkusen Prepare to lift the trophy Meisterscharle For the first time in the club’s history. BiArena takes on Augsburg in the season-ending game on Saturday.  UFABET 

‘I have experience as a player. But getting them as a coach Leverkusen will be very special.’ Alonso said.

The Spanish trainer also praised his team. ‘I’m very proud of the players. They were very focused throughout the season on experiencing this moment. This is very special. Of course it’s good for me too. But I’m proud of the team. Young players having this opportunity for the first time And hope they will have a long football career. So this won’t be the last time.’

But this game is not the end of the season as Leverkusen There is still a queue to play in the Europa League final game with Atalanta on Wednesday, May 22, followed by the DFB Pokal final game with Kaiserslautern. On Saturday, May 25 

‘We still have three more games in the Bundesliga, the Europa League and the cup. Next Saturday we can reach a very nice destination. It would be nice if we won the championship unbeaten (something) that has never happened before. Then we have 11 days to push hard, fight and try everything,’ Alonso said.