Postecoglou is delighted with the reaction of the Spurs player.

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Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou praised his team’s response as they came from behind to score three goals to beat Crystal Palace 3-1.

“The effort, the quality, the belief, it’s not an easy game when they settle so low. We needed a goal that would open the game. But you still need to have certainty and discipline. When they got the goal It was the only time they had the ball in our half. The response was outstanding.”

“It was a game we could have won much more comfortably, but we have some confidence in the process. and not be affected by things that are not as we think I think matters of the mind are number one.” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Talking about Timo Werner first goal with Spurs, “For every attacking player’s goals are very important. I think in general he had a good game. (Despite mistakes in the first half) He didn’t stop believing. Got into the right area and outstanding work from Brennan (Johnson who crossed the ball in).”

Talk about James Maddison’s assist for the second goal. And Son Heung-min’s last goal: “At that time we were looking for a leader and our last three goals were the leaders we had in the team. Son deserved his goals. He worked hard. That’s who you want. Give me the ball”