Klopp admits it’s incredible that the Reds won 4 straight matches in 11 days.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admitted after defeating Forest 1-0 that he couldn’t believe he had led the team to win 4 games in a row in 11 days from a situation full injury of main players.

“It was a very special afternoon. There are complications with the program.”

“This game is not easy for us. We didn’t have a good rhythm and the boys I felt the intensity for the first time.”

“We have our moments and We started badly.” ทางเข้า ufabet

“At the last moment The man who was teased to be an ex-Liverpool player (Andy Carroll) probably thought I would score and decide the game.”

“The goal was started by the coolest man on the field. I’ll never forget him. He was calm. He chipped that ball. Super Assist And a very important goal.”

“It is the hardest game we have to play because of this situation, four games in 11 days. It is very difficult with the team situation we have.

“It’s very special. You saw that today was not easy for us in every part of the game. It was very difficult. The way we won all four matches, I can’t believe it.”

“If you had told me 12 days ago that we would win all four games, I would have said there was no chance. It’s impossible. In the situation of winning it was ridiculous.”

“We will charge until the next game. It’s quite special what the lads did, to get that point was a big fight. It’s not easy.”

“Next Sunday will be an important game. Before that we will play a difficult game in Prague (Sparta Prague). We will recover and move on.”

Klopp also spoke about the Forest supporters. Who sang a song that parodied Darwin Nuñez and said he was a bad Andy Carroll. “Honestly, if it were me, I would never sing a song like That’s it… I will not try to trifle with Darwin!”